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Asian cuisine is as exciting as its continent. It is simple but flavorful, it is earth-bound but heaven in taste. What probably makes it sought-after is that kick in the palate that delights everyone especially non-Asian. Over time, so many restaurants offering Asian cuisine have mushroomed but only a few really make it good. Chef Anne Po of Laksa in Naga City dared to challenge the Bicolano palate that is used to the usual “gata” in their usual meals.






Laksa offers tropical Asian favorites from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, China and Vietnam. It is The Choice if you want to go on a gastronomic tour of Asia while in Naga. The menu is unpretentious and simple. No need to flip through pages of food choices because they only serve the stellar from each country. Its set-up is simple. No fancy décor & not over crowded giving each guest a time to linger after meal for hot tea or pure Arabica coffee.



While Asia, as a continent may be described as mysterious, its cuisine is never a secret. It is famous for its use of spices that brings out the flavor of the main ingredients. What remain as a wonder are how these herbs and spices when combined give that extra “hmmms” making you plea for second helpings of rice.


In Laksa, they prepare your food with attention to how each ingredient could complement each other when they all end in the wok. Each food is prepared and served as a specialty. Chef Anne carefully chooses everything and flies in all original and hard to find spices and sauces to make a spellbinding dining experience.


While everything in Laksa is great, I am high on the following personal favorites:
  • Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (minced fresh vegetables & bean thread noodle wrapped in rice paper dipped in peanut sauce)
  • Malaysian Laksa Lemak & Singaporean Laksa (rice noodle in sweet & strongly spiced coconut gravy with bean curd puff & shrimps, served with sambal paste)
  • Hainanese Chicken (chicken boiled in chicken bone stock, garlic, ginger & fresh pandan leaves)
  • Samosa (stuffed & fried Indian snack, filled with mashed potatoes, meat & peas)
  • Vietnamese Ginger Lemonade. Arabica Coffee (from the Cordilleras)

In Laksa, everything is savory, just the way Asian food must be.

Laksa Topical Asian Favorites
Cereza Complex, Magsaysay Avenue
Naga City, Camarines Sur
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Summary: Good to know there's another restaurant that serves other than Bicolano food.


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