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Gastronomic Spin: Small Talk Cafe

The Filipino palate is sophisticated. We always search for that “beyond the usual” kick in the flavor. We always want to savor everything down to the last bone, down to the last gravy. Inevitably, as time evolves, our good old favorite Filipino dishes have also joined the bandwagon of flavor fusion.






Bicol is known for its delicious dishes that use coconut milk and chili. Among those that have made Bicol rise to culinary stardom are its Laing or Pinangat (shredded taro leaves, tiny shrimps in coco milk) and Bicol Express (pork bits mixed w/ shrimp paste in reduced coco milk). But when these local stars blend with international gourmets, the outcome is gastronomic magic. At the heart of Bicolandia, in Legazpi City, Small Talk Café is probably the best that exemplifies this kind of fusion.








It boasts of its Bicolana Pizza topped with Pinangat instead of the usual salami. Their pastas have also gone to a different funky gourmet experimentations by serving it with fresh basil, pili nuts or if you want to go for a real spin, try their spicy pasta done ala-Bicol Express. Small Talk Café also takes your other Italian or Mediterranean choices to the next creative level by blending local ingredients and putting more kick to it by making it spicy, which is a trademark of any Bicolano dish. It also serves other over the top Bicolano dishes like Tilmok or crabmeat and buko cooked in coconut cream and wrapped in taro leaves.

Small Talk Café is the gourmet expression of Bicol meets the world, and they sure make it hot!





+63 52 4801393/ +63 52 4378708


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