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In Lucena City, one name has created a signature space in the world of bed & breakfast, Villa Javierto. It captures everything Filipino in its design, ambience & service. It has an inexplicable energy that blends that old-world feel but very contemporary southern comfort. Its rustic ambience creates the character that makes it incomparable.

Eclectic, Rustic & Classic


Quezon Province is one of the historical places in the Philippines & one of the legacies to its people are the wonderful turn-of-the century houses that to this day some have remained in perfect state. However, there are some that are left to decay in neglect. Villa Javierto is one of those who have salvaged this abundance of antiquities be it from their personal heirlooms or from other families.


The houses that serve as hostels are like lego sets built from various old house pieces put together to recreate a distinctive Filipino visual style. It blends timber of different strengths & stones from ancient lava flows. The exterior is embellished with decorated transoms, latticed window panels of flattened Capiz shells, wrought iron ventanillas & etched glass panes. A chitchat by the volada over alamid coffee is such a whimsical experience.


Filipino traditions in embellishing houses can be traced from our long history of cross-cultural interactions with various continents such as Asia, Europe and the Americas. Inside the homes of Villa Javierto is that lovely feeling of Victorian overcrowding. There is no empty space & everywhere you look around are exciting talk pieces from the past. It is adorned with the finest antique items showcasing centuries-old artistry & craftsmanship. Only Villa Javierto indulges you to experience sleeping in a four-poster bed outlined by hand-loomed calado embroidery.

Sweet & Sour, Patis & Sili


Undeniably, I have an undying love affair with food & Villa Javierto takes pride in its Catalino’s Restaurant, a deck built on the cliff overlooking Alitaoo River & a wonderful view of the Banahaw mountain ranges. It has an unpretentious menu that serves Filipino favorites. Catalino’s create an extra-ordinary dining experience because of the serenading breeze from the thick foliage & the gentle gushes of river water below while you feast on its must-tries like ensaladang ampalaya, crispy pata & chami.

Art, Collectibles & Antiquities


A gallery of collectibles greets every visitor to Villa Javierto. A huge collection of mostly 19th century pieces is spread around the room. Rare finds such as earthen wares (jars, claypots, sculptures), glass wine bottles, plates, long tables of fine hardwood, thick slabs pieced together as doors, capiz shell panels & shutters, ornate lamps, hand-me down tapestries, period chairs with graceful designs. In the Philippines, religiosity extends to the homes and Villa Javierto keeps a few good carved Santos masterpieces. This place is a perfect spot in finding charming additions to your collections or picking a gift for someone.

Shrubs, Stones & Nothingness


Everything in Villa Javierto started from its love for plants, thus came about Pillar Plants. The couple, Emil & Redemcion Pilar cultivated plants as anybody’s therapy which later on extended to become a business selling plants to friends & doing rustic landscaping works. Their garden style is characterized by a rustic backyard retreat, with tropical shrubs accented by boulders & jars. Enjoy a solitary walk on this huge creative space and feel the therapeutic effect of nothingness.

Experience Villa Javierto and be amazed.

Contact Details
Villa Javierto
Brgy. Gulang-Gulang, Lucena City
Quezon Province
Landline : +63 42 7105753
Mobile : +63 9175062161

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