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White Water Rafting Adventure | Cagayan de Oro City

Many places have become synonymous with a particular sort of adventure. Think of surfing in Siargao, chasing waterfalls in Iligan, caving in Sagada or paddle boarding in Bulacan. And when you head for white water rafting adventure, Cagayan de Oro is perhaps the most thrilling place that surpasses all travellers’ expectations.

white water rafting

Cagayan River is known as one of the wildest rivers in the Philippines with its headwater found in Kalatungan & Kitanglad mountain ranges in Bukidnon. It runs through the municipalities of Talakag, Baungon & Libona with numerous tributaries along its overstretched path. And before it empties out into Macajalar Bay in Cagayan de Oro City, a few kilometers of rapids is a playground for adrenaline junkies.

white water rafting

Go wet & wild in CDO’s white water rafting adventure!

Barangay Mambuaya is the jump-off point for this water overdrive. But getting up there is already half the fun. Restaurants, a mall, & pretty grassy spots for your OOTD shots pepper the uphill drive. Then as you snake further up, pull over for a wonderful panoramic treat of the city below & the surrounding mountains crouched by a river.

white water rafting

I have experienced white water rafting in other parts of the country like Chico River in Kalinga. That one is way too wild to handle. Or in Magdalena, Laguna except that the river is overly rocky & the speed of water isn’t forceful as imagined. Maybe, I came at the wrong time too.

white water rafting

In Cagayan de Oro, the river has an exciting natural watercourse. It’s wide, clean & punctuated by well-spaced boulders. The rapids are long & in real shooting force. But what everyone comes here for are the surprise drops that, pardon my French, squirms your balls & fling it to your throat!

white water rafting

Imagine your raft maneuvering through the river riots & flying over the rush of raging rapids! Imagine the decibel breaking screams as hearts race with the unpredictable gushes of water & throws you out on a surprising belly flop plunge.

Truly, Cagayan de Oro’s white water rafting experience brings out the cheerful beasts from its fearless torrent riders.

white water rafting

But Cagayan is not at all an unforgiving river. After so much wildness comes a placid pool of cold, clean water. Here is a perfect place to lay afloat & soak in the soft rays of the southern sun. It is a good time to recollect your energy before you paddle & scream again for the remaining fierce stretch.

white water rafting

Cagayan River, not to confuse with Rio Grande de Cagayan in the north, separates Bukidnon & Cagayan de Oro in Misamis Oriental. The river offers an exhilarating experience between two provinces, between natural skyscraping landscapes & fantasy-fulfilling adventures.

white water rafting

Many tourists come to Cagayan de Oro for white water rafting experience because of its time-honored safety practices. Highly skilled guides are deployed & the watercourse is inspected before any expedition. Tours are also well organized by the private companies that operate it. Meaning, prices are kept fair & vehicles, rafts, guides & first-aid kits are prepared. Lunch could even be arranged.

white water rafting

I’ve done white water rafting a few times with different tour providers like Kagay, Bugsay & Great White Water Tours. So far, my experiences have been good. If you’re quite advanced in this kind of activity, you may actually request for higher-class rapids.

white water rafting

From frightening to exciting & from being anxious to bold, Cagayan de Oro’s tempestuous white water rafting adventure is sure to unleash your wild side. Come down south because seriously, it’s more fun in Cagayan.


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  • yes, it was one great experience & i always recommend this to my friends. im leaving cdo soon & im happy to have experienced one overdrive. i hope i could do the intermediate next time. thanks for reading, by the way.

  • Thanks for the wonderful comments about our cities water rafting ^_^. i bet you all guys are having a memorable experience out there..thank you very much for the appreciation. more power to your adventures! ^_^

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